Visiting Artist Lecture: Susan Klein

Fear, Loathing, and Unbridled Passion

Thursday, April 19, 2018
12:00 p.m., in Owen Hall 237

  • Susan Klein is an Assistant Professor of Painting at College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina
  • MFA. 2004, Painting University of Oregon, summa cum laude
  • BFA, 2001, Studio Art University of New Hampshire, magna cum laude
  • 1997-99 Studio Art New York University

From a current exhibition, The Rainbow Show, at Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston:

"Redux Contemporary Art Center is thrilled to present The Rainbow Show, a group exhibition highlighting the work of Charleston-based artists Susan Klein, Adam Eddy, and Joshua Lynn. The Rainbow Show plays on the thematic nature of the color spectrum as represented in three individual practices. The symbol of a rainbow, and its associated connotations, is presented in varying forms throughout the exhibition, allowing the viewer to freely connect with the beauty and playfulness of this iconic symbol.

Rainbows are ubiquitous symbols used to signify equality, hope, and connectivity. They appear in our contemporary culture as icons for a secular spirituality that counters the bleak information loop of news media. Rainbows offer no decisive palette but insist on fluidity and interpretation. These values offer alternative paths to the current binary political expectations in America.

Adam Eddy, Susan Klein, and Joshua Lynn use the symbol as a gesture of child-like hope and a starting point for creative exploration. In a time of increasing spiritual and social confusion, art offers a possible route for creating meaning and community. The works in this exhibition encourage viewers to take fun seriously and to imagine possible realities where creative experimentation is encouraged."

Poster Announcing Lecture