Visiting Artist Lecture: Mel Chin

Eyes Toward an Uncertain Future: Wake and Unmoored

Wednesday, January 24, noon - 1:00 p.m.
Humanities Lecture Hall
Free and Open to the Public

Mel Chin, an internationally recognized artist known for his broad range of approaches and who consistently seeks to investigate how art can create greater social awareness and responsibility, will be giving a public lecture in the Humanities Lecture Hall this Wednesday, January 24, 2018, from noon - 1:00 pm. He will be focusing the talk on his current collaborative projects, Wake and Unmoored, which are slated to be installed in Times Square, New York, in July 2018. Last fall Chin worked with UNC Asheville students and faculty in Engineering and Art & Art History at the STEAM Studio, as well as in Department of New Media, and will continue throughout this semester to finalize design plans and construct these two projects.


Mel Chin, the renowned artist and Black Mountain College Legacy Fellow at UNC Asheville for 2017-18, is using his fellowship to engage students across disciplines in large-scale projects for even larger audiences. Working with students in art, engineering and new media, Chin’s plans include huge physical and “AR” (augmented reality) installations in Times Square in the heart of New York City.  [The date will be July 11, 2018. That is when Mel Chin’s artistic vision will be brought to life on one of the world’s biggest stages by UNC Asheville students. Revised see below*]

It takes a big team to do this, and this is an ideal situation,” says Chin, known for his conceptual and interactive art dealing with contemporary issues. “With these huge projects happening, this fellowship felt like the opportune moment to make and to teach, to give everything I know to others. We’re at the age where you have to distribute your knowledge, and it’s also about how to make, how to be challenged by the reality we live in and respond.” [Read More]

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Artist Mel Chin works with UNC Asheville students, faculty, October 17, 2017

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Renowned Artist Mel Chin, UNC Asheville’s Black Mountain College Legacy Fellow, Engages Students in Projects Bound for New York City, Monday, Oct 16th, 2017


Lecture support provided by the Departments of Art/Art History, Engineering, and New Media as well as  the STEAM Studio.

The Black Mountain College Legacy Fellows and Intern program is funded through a $180,000 grant from the Windgate Foundation and a partnership between the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center and UNC Asheville.