Invitation to Symposium

Laurel Taylor, Lecturer in UNC Asheville's Departments of Art and Classics, is co-organizing the event honoring her long-time mentor and colleague.  Dr. Taylor studied with Dr. de Grummond in graduate school, and for the past four summers she has taken UNC Asheville students to the archaeological site Cetamura del Chianti, located in the heart of Italy's wine-growing region of Tuscany to excavate with Dr. de Grummond's Florida State University students and Dr. Charles Ewing's students from New York University and Syracuse University.

Many renowned Etruscan and Roman scholars will present papers and participate in other events associated with the symposium and exhibition of artficats that have been unearthed by Dr. de Grummond and her students and colleagues  during the past twenty-five years. Speakers include:

Laura Ambrosini, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Istituto di Studi sulle Civiltà Italiche e del Mediterraneo Antico: "Images of Artisans on Etruscan Gems"

Giovanna Bagnasco Gianni, Università degli studi di Milano: "At first glance. Remarks on a group of sigla from the sanctuary of the Etruscan artisans at Cetamura del Chianti"

Larissa Bonfante, New York University: "Bronzetti and Giganti, Sardinian and Etruscan"

Elizabeth Colantoni, University of Rochester: "Architectural Sculpture from Archaic Central Italy: Models of Interpretation."

Don Davis, East Tennessee State University: "The Nuovo Forno Etrusco: Ancient Fire, New Construct"

Charles Ewell, Syracuse University in Florence: "The Kiln at Cetamura del Chianti"

Gretchen Meyers, Franklin and Marshall College: "For Weddings and a Funeral: Textile Crafts and Female Social Identity in Ancient Etruria"

Lisa Pieraccini, University of California, Berkeley: "Artisans and their Lasting Impressions – Clay stamping at Caere"

Anthony Tuck, University of Massachusetts Amherst: "Manufacturing at Poggio Civitate: Elite Consumption and Social Organization in the Etruscan 7th Century"

Jane Whitehead, Valdosta State University: "Hand to Hand at La Piana"

For additional information, contact Dr. Laurel Taylor, 828-251-6290,