Students Install Sculptures Across Campus

Site-Specific / Site-Responsive Sculpture Projects

Students in Sculpture II were required to design and install a site-specific and/or site-responsive sculpture project at a location of their choosing anywhere on the UNC Asheville campus. Students began the process with drafting a professional three-part proposal, including an Artist Rendering, Schematic Diagram and Project Description. This proposal went through various revisions and upon final approval from Dean Strehl and Provost Urgo, students began the installation process. Each project is marked by a laser-engraved sign and can be located using the postcard map in digital and physical circulation. Additional descriptions are provided below:

  • Amelia Pate, Untitled – Twelve cylindrical sculptural weavings composed of wool, cotton, linen, ramie, goose feathers and horsehair are suspended in the lobby of Zageir Hall.
  • Cassandra Hoge, Linger – An abstracted figure constructed from numerous layers of plywood sits on the breezeway ledge at the end of the P4 parking deck, adjacent to South Ridge Hall.
  • Maleah Weir, Finding Home – A family of three constructed of wire and found clothing appear to be crossing the quad lawn between Ramsey Library and Phillips Hall.
  • Jeb Hedgecock, Taking Ground – A six-foot diameter wheel-like form sits at the entrance of the Sherrill Center P9 parking deck as if the central tire had collected the road from which it arrived.
  • Nathan Lasala, Mossy Lines – Meandering lines of moss grow on a large boulder visible from the sidewalk between Zageir Hall and the P12 parking lot.
  • Tia Kuhns, The School in the Sky – A hot air balloon shaped by countless origami fish is suspended inside the gazebo of Tennent Park between Carmichael and Zeis Halls.
  • Sara Burton, Free the Nips – Dozens of ceramic vessel forms rest underneath a storm grate visible from the sidewalk between Humanities Lecture Hall and Pollinator Garden.

Installations will be in place through May 15, 2017.