Student videos, animation, and sequential art

ARTH 306: From Animation and Graphic Novels to Cartoons & Comix

Students read and discuss a diverse selection of works that combine the spoken or written word, and image crossing between two disciplines: animation/cartoons and graphic novels/comic books/comix. The emphasis is on forms of narrative in sequential art that have led to the appearance of the new forms and developments.

The students in this course come from a wide range of disciplines across campus.  These projects were evaluated on the creativity of the idea (conception and design), the effort put into the “work;” and the use of skills learned in the course, not on the artistic skill of the creator.  Criteria of importance included: creating and incorporating consistent characters; working with a “story”  (whether narrative or not); and designing a layout that works with the “story” and is appealing to the viewer/reader. Some of the students in Fall 2014 class shared their class projects.

Animation videos

Sea Sanitizer

Abigail Powell
Anthony Chavez
Hannah Criswell
Kerri Collosso
Madeleine Wieder
Megan O’Donnell
Meagan VanVoorhies
Aaron Shaw


There is no intelligible language in the video--a series of pirate "speak" of grunts, argh, and the like. The "monster" has a series of gurgles.


Brianna Blair
Dani Boyer
June Buttrick
Austin Cathey
Amanda Cloyd
Izzy Daniels
Kimberly Lawson
Molly Mulcahy
Joey Navarra

Selection of sequential art projects

Dani Boyer, Bloody Bones

June Buttrick, Max the Cat

Austin Cathey, Ven's Battle

Anthony Chavez, Umbra Verto

Hannah Chriswell, The Flootchie

Kerri Colloso, Super Gelid

Molly Mulcahy, Down the Rabbit Hole

Joey Navarra, The Society

Megan Van Voorhies, The Ghost on the Hill

Madeleine Wieder, Tails, Roses, and Fears


Miscellaneous Student Videos

Halima Flynt: Making a Room-Sized Camera Obscura

Halima Flynt (BA candidate, concentration in photography) has a video she made of a room-sized camera obscura for Professor Michael Ruiz’s Physics 1.01: Light and Visual Phenomena published in the December 22 issue of Physics Education (Halima Flynt and Michael J Ruiz 2015 Phys. Educ. 50 19. doi:10.1088/0031-9120/50/1/19. Published 22 December 2014. © 2015 IOP Publishing Ltd.). 




Allie Meyer: Bringing the History of Art to the Future

Allie Meyer loves art and history, so majoring in art history was a natural choice for her. Combined with a minor in classics and original undergraduate research on the glass mosaics of Herod’s palace, Meyer is well prepared to pursue her dream job as an art librarian—digitizing the art of the past to be preserved for the art-lovers of the future.