Student Kudos — Spring 2017

Student Projects

Congratulations to Spring 2017 sculpture students who paticipated in the installation Site-Specific / Site-Responsive Sculpture Projects across campus

  • Amelia Pate, Untitled
  • Cassandra Hoge, Linger 
  • Maleah Weir, Finding Home 
  • Jeb Hedgecock, Taking Ground 
  • Nathan Lasala, Mossy Lines 
  • Tia Kuhns, The School in the Sky
  • Sara Burton, Free the Nips

Congratulations to students who participated in the first exhibition of Sculpture @ the Ramp of work made in the new facility (STEAM).

  • Amanda Brook
  • Sara Burton
  • Katrina Chenevert
  • Tony DeLaurentis
  • Kimmy Gada
  • Shanna Glawson
  • Jeb Hedgecock
  • Kristen Keefer
  • Ash Lounsbury
  • Amelia Pate
  • Conrad Sanders
  • Jennifer Tedder
  • Maleah Weir

Congratulations to Art students whose work was included in the Headwaters 2017 (the student Creative Arts Magazine)

  • Parks Busby, Inaudible
  • Serena Dotson-Smith, Bipolar Images, and Mae
  • Brittany Lynch-Blosse, Barbara
  • Gabriella Santander, La Graviola
  • Crystal Moore, Outside In (Dark) and Inside in (Light)
  • Jason Rafferty, Madrid and Naomi
  • Shawn Winebrenner, Courtney, Illusionary Purpose, and Shadows of Doubt
  • Marissa Moxley, Mannequin
  • Alexandra Crowell, St. Brigid and Birdbath (poem)