Student Art

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In addition to the digital gallery on this website, student artwork may be seen in several galleries on campus during the academic year. Owen Hall is the home of the Department of Art and Art History and houses two galleries: the largest is the S. Tucker Cooke Gallery located on the first floor and the smaller gallery is located on the second floor. Student work periodically may be exhibited in the Highsmith University and Intercultural Gallery in the Highsmith Union Hall or in one of two galleries in the D. Hiden Ramsey Library—the Blowers Gallery (on the main level) or the Special Collections Gallery (on the third floor).

As part of the Senior Capstone Requirements, all BFA students must present a solo exhibition and the BA students participate in a Group Exhibition; usually the exhibitions are in one of the aforementioned galleries or occasionally, a student exhibition will be held off campus. A few times a year, all students are given the opportunity to enter large group exhibitions in the S. Tucker Cooke Gallery and the Highsmith University and Intercultural Gallery. Additionally, during the fall and spring semesters, various work completed as class assignments line the walls on the first and second floors in Owen Hall.

Student Exhibitions Spring 2015

Events are free and open to the public

BFA and Group Shows

Solo Shows

  • Katie Borders – Drawing
  • Kimberly Buckner – Drawing
  • Olyver Silinski – Drawing
  • Katie DeAngelis – Drawing
  • Claire Shadomy – Drawing
  • George Etheridge – Photography
  • Chasti Hite – Photography
  • Getzen Hewitt – Photography
  • Amryn Soldier – Photography
  • Warren Oliver – Ceramics
  • Ashley Lieb – Ceramics
  • Lindsay Bostic – Ceramics
  • Chris Phillips – Painting

Student Videos, Animation, and Sequential Art

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Hannah Bunzey, Fifty. From Senior Exhibition in Drawing, Dreaming Awake: Wolds of the Subconscious, 2014.

Isabelle Klauder, Imagine my surprise, when realized I was not myself. From BFA Senior Exhibition, Fabricating Thresholds: Floral Femininity, 35x54 inches, oil on fabric, 2014.

Mary Katherine Donovan, Pine Cove Inn. From BFA Senior Exhibition in Ceramics, The Language of BirdsStoneware, 17x8x8 inches, 2013.

Jennifer O'Connell, Shift (detail). From BFA Senior Exhibition in Ceramics, 2014

Kelly Olshan, Perpetual Ascent. Oil on panel; Chancellor's Purchase Award, 47th Annual Juried Student Exhibition.

Lyndsey Roberts, Roxanna. Ceramic; Second Place, 47th Annual Juried Student Exhibition, 2014.

Joy Hof, School House Falls in Panther Town Valley in Nantahala National Forest, North Carolina. Acrylic paint on panel; From BFA Senior Exhibition, "Earth from Above," 46" x 22.5", 2012.

Lori Brooke Johnson, Blue. Drawing, 2015.

Etheredge, Everett Chandler. Photography from BA portfolio, 2014.