Spring 2018 Sculpture on Site

Site-specific and/or Site-responsive Sculpture

Part of the Sculpture II curriculum is to design and create a Site-specific and/or Site-responsive project on campus. Students began by walking around campus and taking photos of potential sites to which they were attracted. When they narrowed it down to one particular site, they had to draft a professional proposal, including an Artist Rendering, Schematic Diagram and Written Description. The proposals were reviewed by Dean Strehl, Kevin Gibson, and Melissa Acker. Finally, after the proposals were approved, the students installed their projects on site over the last couple weeks. The sculpture projects will be on view through May 2018.

1. Charlie Beech, Nerves of Steel, steel

2. Anna Kammer, Peace Entwined, steel, cotton cording

3. Konrad Sanders, Hanging Cot, canvas, paint, straps

4. Sam Joyner, 2 Seets & a Chess Board, wood, steel 

5. Mikaela Darnell, Fluid, steel, hardware

6. Sebastian Ellison, End of a Cycle, steel, fabric

7. Margit Strout, Happiness, mylar, wood, hardware

8. Brent Boehmer, Time Kills Toys, mixed media

9. Darby Mitchell, Hello There, cement, foam, paint

10. Alumni Anagama Kiln Firing (May 8-13): The Original Team Matt West, Hunter Stamps, and          Josh Copus

Matt West
Hunter Stamps
Lindsey Bostic
Kate Donovan
Emily Ellison
Max Saunders
Josh Copus
Will Dickert
Katlyn Patterson
Ben Crowfoot
Rosie Midyette
Jennifer O'Connell Reid
David McLellan
Jheiry Lewis
Maria Andrade Troya
Stopping by without work in kiln
Kyle Carpenter
Jake Wilson
Warren Oliver