Seona Craig - Painting

Artist Statement

Seona Craig is a fine artist in Asheville, NC, who specializes in surrealism. She uses a combination of oil and acrylic paints in her creations. These paintings invoke the dream-world. A world we know is there, but we can not grasp. These creations are a window to the place that the soul calls home. Each piece allow the viewer to get lost in the place we miss. It reminds us we are eternal and we will return back to our rightful place. All works are thought out after a vision is channeled into her mind and then depicted on canvas. Her inspiration is Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, Alex Grey, Ken Vallario (Asheville Local Artist), Nicolas Poussin, and her own dreams and meditations. Her goal is to trigger the viewer into focusing on the self, healing,  and where we came from.—Seona Craig, 2018.