Savannah Adams-Clark at PMA

Image above: Savannah in front of At the Moulin Rouge: The Dance by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

From ART/ARTH Series: "What I did in summer 2017"

Savannah is a senior Bachelor of  Art in Art History candidate who plans to graduate in December 2017. She was the 2017 recipient of the Mark and Mary Moody Art History Scholarship as well as the recipient of the 2017 Art History Department Leadership Award. Savannah is interning this semester at the Asheville Area Arts Council (after having volunteered with the organization last semester). She has also interned at the Blue Spiral Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina. She has been a research assistant in art history at UNC Asheville, helping to catalog artwork on the campus; she has been on the Dean's List or the Chancellor's List for the past few semesters.


Savannah describes her summer internship at the Philadelphia Museum of Art:
"For my internship at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I worked in the Community Engagement and Accessibility department. My work was two-fold: working in surrounding neighborhoods doing outreach and promotional work for the museum's ongoing and upcoming events/programs, while also helping out with different accessibility workshops at the museum. Of those workshops, I assisted in a once-a-week Parkinson's Disease art therapy class. I also helped organize and coordinate the first Sensory Friendly Mornings for children with sensory disabilities to experience the museum and the museum annual summer camp.

In addition, I worked on a summer-long project researching ways to improve the museum's tactile aids and materials used on tours offered to individuals with low-vision or blindness. I had the privilege of reaching out (by phone, email, or in person) to access programming coordinators at other major art institutions, such as the Metropolitan, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Penn Museum, and the National Portrait Gallery, among others, to discuss different ways in which they were utilizing new technology or material aids to improve their tours for the blind.

Twice a week, all 42 interns had a museum studies colloquium in which we were given the opportunity to learn and speak with staff such as supervisors, chairs, and executive officers, department-wide. During this time, we were also given tours by the curators of the museum's collection (on display and in storage), including the museum's other properties such as the historic park houses, the Rodin museum, and the Perelman building. We had panel discussions with different museum teams such as interpretation, the marketing department, the museum's security, the librarians, the publications department as well as the museum's board trustees." Savannah Adams-Clark (September 4, 2017)

Savannah suggests that if you would like to learn more or get involved in the Asheville Art Scene, visit the Asheville Area Arts Council's webpage