Rosie Midyette, BFA Senior Exhibition in Ceramics

Merging Mind and Body: A Sculptural Technique
Rosie Midyette, BFA Senior Exhibition in Ceramics
May 17–May 28, 2013
S. Tucker Cooke Gallery, Owen Hall
Opening Reception: May 17, 6–8:00 p.m.

Artist Abstract:
Repetitive, purposeful motions are required for the construction of many ceramic forms, and the bodily experience helps to settle the mind. The simple act of pinching the cool, malleable material excites tactile sensations, sparking the release of relaxing energies. The transformative moment when internal calm overrides chaos, derived from a psychological tendency to seek solace with repeated bodily action, is called stereotypy, or self-stimulatory behavior. Similar to a monotonous motion like tapping a pen on a desk, ceramic-art stereotypy engages four of the body’s senses: visual, auditory, tactile, and vestibular (sense of balance). The nervous system responds to pacify the mind, teaching the artist physical and mental self-awareness, which is the foundation of meditation. Referenced in this series as terraforming, the creation of the artist’s ceramic sculpture is a shaping or modeling of the earth analogous to the meditative process that unifies the artist with her environment. The work in this series comes to fruition through a formulated mantra bridging the tangible, natural world with the intangible realm of thought and memory. A conduit for the mind to unwind into a contemplative state, the undulating surfaces of these ceramic forms draw inspiration from the grace and simplicity found in nature.--Catherine (Rosie) Midyette