Rachel Vera - Painting

Artist Statement

My body of work this past year has been centered around my multicultural identity. These pieces display a view on both cultures that are traditional, spiritual, and even political. I also structured these pieces on finding balance between two strong cultures that have very different views and beliefs. Personally, now comfortable merging both cultures in life I have my own single identity, an identity that very much derives from my parent’s cultures. My work stems from a range of concepts that relate to Mexican and Cherokee heritage. They can be personal experiences, tradition, and common media events. I enjoy making work based on media coverage of certain ethnicities, because the media only gives you one story.  I alter this image in my artwork and give my audience another story. I make my reflection and open it to the viewer, so they can decipher how they feel now that this ethnic culture is displayed differently.

Although my concepts are valuable, my process in making my work is just as notable. I am committed to a discipline when making work.  I study reference photos, then discard the photograph and paint from memory. Occasionally paintings do not have a reference photo and come from my imagination. When I invent figures, I feel that I have seen them somewhere before; subconsciously I recognize them, but do not know them personally. They are persons who linger in my memory. 

What I want my audience to gain from my art, is obtaining different perceptions to my beautiful and sometimes controversial aspects of my heritage. Although, this is one of my goals, my main objective is to get viewer to understand multi-ethnic not as “mixed,” or one race based on skin color, but as a diverse identity that can add diversity to society.