Noah Lentz - Printmaking

Artist Statement

My pursuit of a creative life began with lettering as a young graffiti writer, and since then my passion, albeit more refined, has not changed. I draw inspiration from many things around me but especially from murals, graffiti, and antique signage still clinging on to buildings around town, and I try to transfer it all into my work. I find words or phrases that mean a lot to me at a certain point in time and use letters to illustrate them in a way that fits the situation the given word or phrase came from. This has been my means of channeling emotions for almost a decade, and it continues to drive me forward in my pursuit of a creative career and life. I hope others can derive their own meanings from the words illustrated in my work and apply it to their own lives or situations, thus gaining a personal experience through the piece. I prefer my pieces to be presented simply, almost like posters, in public venues as opposed to private galleries so anyone that happens to notice can experience the piece in their own way whether or not they are particularly interested in art.

Noah Lentz, April 2018