Nathanael Brothers

Artist Statement

The art of smithing enables the manipulation of most shapes and restoration of reclaimed steel with a small set of tools. It is more direct than subtractive or additive methods like stock removal, casting, cutting, or welding. Smithing also creates less waste product, as scraps are easily recycled into parts for projects or tools, and may go through several iterations of form before decaying. Understanding materials and acquiring them through reclamation are a time-honored part of the trade. Smithing, whether of ornaments, weapons, gear or tools, brings over two-thousand years of working history with it. This history now provides stores of craft-specific knowledge, varieties of cultural interpretation, trial, error, and respect for the smithing art. These influences are strongly recognized when working in the art, and are brought into the artist’s design through the research and execution of projects.--Nathanael DeSpain, April 2018.