Lowell Sopcisak '17

From ART/ARTH Series: "What I did in summer 2017"

Lowell Sopcisak graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History, summa cum laude in May 2017, with double majors in French and Art History. She was on the Chancellor's List all four years. She received: 

  • Department Honors in French
  • Distinction in French 
  • Distinction in Art and Art History
  • Distinction as a University Research Scholar
  • Art History Leadership Award
  • Excellence in Art History Award
  • Excellence in Service in French
  • Undergraduate Research Grant (Summer 2016)
  • Undergraduate Research Travel Grant

She is/was a curatorial intern

  • at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City for Fall 2017
  • at Philadelphia Museum of Art in the department of European Decorative Arts and Sculpture for Summer 2017
  • at the Asheville Art Museum in Spring 2017 as well as a curatorial volunteer in 2016


Lowell describes her summer 2017 internship at the Philadelphia Museum of Art:
"This summer I was a curatorial intern in the Department of European Decorative Arts and Sculpture at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where I worked full time. I applied for the internship in January and received the offer in March.

During my internship I researched the Parisian collector Edmond Foulc (the PMA acquired the Foulc Collection in 1929), who was one of the prominent collectors of Gothic and Renaissance art in France during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I specifically sought out sources relating to the weekly salon Foulc held at his home in Paris (where he housed his collection), and the broader social context surrounding his collecting. This research comprised the majority of my time in my department, but I also researched two specific objects from the Foulc Collection.

In addition, I accompanied my supervisor to meetings with other PMA curators and outside scholars wanting to see, for example, a specific object from one of European Decorative Arts and Sculpture’s collections. Visiting storage rooms was definitely a highlight, since I was able to see so many objects that are not on view. We also went to the photography studio occasionally, as there are always objects that need to be photographed.

On Mondays and Thursday afternoons all of the summer interns met, and we were given presentations and tours from staff in nearly every department of the museum, such as Visitor Services and the various Conservation departments. I especially enjoyed tours of the collections from curators—it is hard to have a better tour guide at a museum than a curator!

It was incredible to be an intern at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and experience what it is like to work in a large metropolitan museum.

Fall 2017 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Internship
This Fall, I will be an intern in the Curatorial department at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City, where I will be researching for the catalogues of two upcoming exhibitions. A weekly half-day museum seminar is also a part of the program, so I will hear and learn from other areas of the Guggenheim as well. Furthermore, I will attend meetings with my supervisors, which will give me an even closer look at the functions of the Curatorial department."

--Lowell Sopcisak, September 2017.