Lindsey Sigmon

Big as the Sky, Better than Candy (And Other Ways to Say I Love You)

Lindsey Sigmon, BFA Senior Exhibition in Lithography
Opening Reception: October 26, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
S. Tucker Cooke Gallery, Owen Hall
Exhibition on view October 26-November 6, 2018

Free and Open to the Public

Artist Statement:
The exhibition is a series of hand-colored lithographs, cut and arranged into various shadow boxes, collages, and a large installation piece. The series is an exploration of my personal relationship with home and my father, and a process through which I can grieve the loss of both. My father, brother, and I lived on a small farm, and shared the home in which we had been born.  The house had been decorated by my great-grandmother and throughout my life retained her handmade quilts and knick-knacks.

The seven acres that surrounded the home provided the perfect stage for childhood fantasy and adventure.  After my father’s unexpected death, these surroundings continue to be the elements I can access most clearly, the memories of my father. While his death was the most painful loss I have endured, the subsequent loss of our home had a similarly powerful impact on my life.  This body of work has emerged out of a longing to preserve this connection between myself and my father when I could no longer stand in our fields or cook in our kitchen. This recreation of a world that was so sheltered and joyful has created both a reprieve from this difficult time and a way to directly confront my grief.

There were many areas on the farm where my brother and I would play, lost in our imaginations; the series of shadow boxes are my reflections on these places. Other pieces are constructed around a particular gesture or gift from a family member. This body of work has culminated in a large installation piece, which echoes my memories of the overwhelming floral wallpaper of my favorite room in the home. These pieces celebrate the way my home and surroundings were constructed by the gestures of my large and affectionate family: a handful of flowers from the garden, a thrift store bracelet, a rhododendron planted in the yard, I grew up surrounded by their acts of service. They taught me to express gratitude in the best way you know how—this work is the best way I know how.

This exhibition is for my father, who helped me understand all of the strange manifestations love can take—a late night oil change, a row of your favorite tomatoes, a patch job on the step you always trip over.  And for Roseanna, who did not know her Grandpa, but will inherit his love in so many funny ways.—Lindsey Sigmon, October 2018.

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