Jessica Olin - Ceramics

Artist Statement: I’ve Been Called Worse

Society has veiled this issue of inequality by normalizing the bias thru use of language and ignoring the impact of this criticism and, as a consequence, we have established this imbalance associated with the weaker sex. When looking back on personal experiences, the artists chose certain events to transform into visual art by means of expressing harsh language through ceramics. Our culture regularly uses ceramic plates and bowls around the dinner table and at restaurants to conduct a meal. Therefore, pieces such as Cunt Platter and Contain Yourself would serve as an ironic placement here at mealtime, using the verbal as a visual to demonstrate the injustice. The expectation of the artist is to educate the viewer on the severity of these ruthless comments and suggest how we can eliminate this bias. As a result of this series, the viewer can understand the inequality associated with women being the weaker sex. With anticipation, the artist hopes to inform the viewer of these practices and begin to bring to light the unfairness and immediate bias.