Hailey Morris - Photography

Artist Statement

My work seeks to communicate an experience that is dear to me, something that has been my focus, my hobby, my life. When I look at horses I see many things: power, beauty, stamina, and the magic that most people associate with horses. However, I also see anger, stupidity, fear, and the many other emotions that horses continually cycle through. In my work, I strive to visualize not only the innate power and natural beauty, but also to provide an insight into each horse’s personality to show how unique each of these animals are. To achieve this aim, I explored two ways of capturing movement. One method focused on the smaller more subtle movements of the eyes, nose, ears, and the body. I also photographed larger movements of the legs and body, including each horse’s distinct gait. By combining the two ways of carefully observing  these animals, I hope to show the viewer the unique personalities of the horses that I have grown to love.—Hailey Morris, April 2018.