Four Sculpture Installations

Student Sculpture Class Work Installed across Campus

The following site specific installations were initiated beginning Friday, November 6, and will be up through the end of the semester:

1) Shanna G. Blake: Shanna's project is titled Hacer de Tripas Corazón and will be installed in front of Owen Hall directly outside the S. Tucker Cooke Gallery. She has designed her project to be an interactive event to be conducted this Saturday, November 7, from 10am-12pm. Blue Banner published article about the project.

2) Crystal Moore: Crystal's project is titled Inner Lion and will incorporate the Rocky statue adjacent to the Sherrill Center. Her project utilizes crocheted yarn and will transform our iconic bulldog.

3) Max Saunders: Max's project is titled La Bola Cerámica and will be installed outside of Owen Hall in front of the Anagama kiln. It is constructed primarily of low-fire purge clay, but also has various natural materials buried inside.

4) Rachael Vera: Rachael's project is untitled and will be installed underneath one of the most popular trees in front of Ramsey Library. Her sculptures are made from chicken wire and reference everyday student life.