Christopher Schneider - Photography

Artist Statement

My work explores a world with a will to communicate; to tell a story. I want my imagery to move beyond the realm of photography and to allow you the viewer to experience a moment. I want to pull the viewer into the environment that is presented to them. To question what they know and don’t know. To add or to take perspective. Possibly to even just to take a look at who you are and what you are doing with this life. I believe that everything in your life has lead you to this very moment. What are you doing with it? I took my moment and decided to document a community that is very dear to my heart, the local military veteran community in Asheville.

Since I finished my enlistment in the Marine Corps I notice there is an issue with veterans assimilating back into society. I had my own struggles and still do to this day. But there is a resiliency that was instilled in me long before my time in the military. For some they are not fortunate enough to consistently support themselves. Fortunately, though there are services to help these veterans get back on their feet and to help them acclimate to civilian life. My hope is that this project will shed light on those who have served our country, the struggles they may encounter, and those organization that offer support to those in need. —Christopher Schneider, 2018.