Charlotte Clarke - Printmaking

Artist Statement

An important part of my transition into adulthood has been moving out of my parents’ house and establishing a new home base away from the comforts of my childhood and family. My series, "An Homage to Home,” is an ode to the places I have lived that have allowed me to grow and how they have helped my family grow closer. It acts as an appreciation for the expansion of family, the strength of blood relation, and the beauty of choosing to live with another human. My work is about how important it is to have a safe, comfortable, and positive structure to call home. The series also recognizes the challenges of moving away from home, being further away from my tight-knit family, and making a home that is as positive and comfortable as the house I grew up in. The dichotomies of dependence and independence and strength and fragility are present in my work, as well.—Charlotte Clarke, April 2018.