Bryan Croymans - Ceramics

Artist Statement
My intention over the course of the past two semesters has been to learn how to incorporate texture heavy pottery with the distinct firing style of the Anagama.  The contrast of the browns produced as a result of raw clay reacting to a firing has been a welcome addition to my work.  I find myself now being able to prepare for the reaction in the green ware stage rather than hoping for an unknown result. 

My work incorporates several mediums as well as a variety of techniques in the ceramics concentration. The techniques and mediums include carving, glazing, acrylic painting, wire manipulation, use of natural materials, kiln preparation and usage, wheel usage, and distortion of thrown vessels. The artwork produced is intended to give the viewer a whimsical impression of the transformation of several natural and human made elements being intertwined and reacting to each other.

As graduation nears, I am excited to be taking steps towards securing a personal studio and achieving my main goal which has always been gaining the knowledge to teach students. — Bryan Coymans, April 2018.