Art/Mechatronics Collaboration

Art/Mechatronics Collaborative Exhibition

When: November 23 – January 15, 2016
Where: 2nd Floor Gallery, Owen Hall
Opening Reception: Friday, December 4, 6-8:00 p.m.
Gallery Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
All events are free and open to the public
Organized by UNC Asheville Professors Rebecca Bruce, Jackson Martin, Susan Reiser and Brent Skidmore. The exhibition documents a collaborative project between courses, CSCI 173: Creative Fabrication, ART 346/347/446: Sculpture II/III/IV and ART 374: Contemporary Sculpture Methods. With the theme of Assistive Technology, student pairs modeled an innovative device on the computer. These designs were then 3D printed with the help of Engineering Technician, Sara Sanders and prepared for bronze/aluminum casting with the help of Sculpture Technician, Matt West. The exhibition includes designs from student pairs, cast bronze/cast aluminum parts, and additional mixed-media elements. Student pairs are listed below:
  • Rose Anderson (ENG) & Haley Broyles (ART)
  • Ian Arlen (ENG) & Emily Beall (ART)
  • Ben Brewer-Bowman (ENG) & Rachel Vera (ART)
  • Sam Brighton (ENG) & Marley Brushwood (ART)
  • Eli Buckner (ENG) & Nathanael Brothers (ART)
  • Shanna G. Blake (ART) & Andrew Cockrell (ENG)
  • Gabriel Earley (ENG) & Hamish Wells (ART)
  • Ariel Levy (ENG), Sean Mackey (ENG) & Crystal Moore (ART)
  • Kristen Easters (ART) & Ellen Moles (ENG)
  • Tony Delaurentis (ART) & Stephen Moyer (ENG)
  • June Buttrick (ART) & Casey Murphey (ENG)
  • Christian Newhan (ENG) & Zachary Seguin (ART)
  • Danny Nunez (ENG) & Michael Weddington (ART)
  • Ashley Overholt (ART) & Fiona Popp (ENG)
  • Max Saunders (ART) & Travers Thurman (ENG)
  • Jonas Lemieux (ART) & Ben Wagner (ENG)
  • Sly Slydel (ART) & Guerin Williams (ENG)

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