Amelia Pate - Sculpture

Artist Statement

Light is ever-changing and unpredictable, tinged with a playful elusiveness. Its influence is subtle, its presence scarce, and still at other times, perfectly overwhelming.  It wasn’t until I brought light into my work as a sculptor that I found myself captivated.  I began to cultivate a sensitivity to its less visual dimensions.  I noticed how light tells a story.  It tells us how to feel and where to look. I found room to play in this realm, experimenting with materials that reflect the color, transparency, and mystery of its multifarious personalities.

I hope that the environments I create are, to a certain extent, non-confrontational.  My work exists in subtlety, finding depth though the use of natural materials such as plant dyes, wood, and fiber, learning to allow each their full expression of both limitations and strengths. I temper my process with restraint, finding warmth in austerity and allowing space for possibility. It is in this space I ask the viewer to engage, to deeply surrender themselves to a conversation between senses and imagination.

We are not static beings. Our perceptions, actions, and thoughts have the power to mold our surroundings, just as experiences and places leave unique impressions on us.  In the recent progression of my work, I find myself drawn to the places of tension between things, specifically in the moment of dawn, a parentheses between night and day, a threshold of the unconscious experience of dreams and the more aware self presented to the world.  By invoking light and color in conversation with form and natural materials, I aim to create immersive experiences, posing questions of perception intentionally left unanswered.

Amelia Pate, April 2017